Complex Plan


SEO content is important because it:

Helps search engine ranking

Results in driving more traffic to your website

Greater visibility for your audience

Improves usability

Top-quality content: High-quality content is one of the most important Google ranking factors. When you choose us, you can rest assured that all the SEO content you receive will be of the best quality. Every SEO web content writer we use are professional and native to the language you wish to have the content written in. Every piece of content goes through proofreading and in some cases additional quality check to ensure the highest quality.

Relevant keywords

Relevant keywords: When our content writers work on your order, they make sure to include several relevant keywords to the text. This is achieved by writing natural-sounding text about the topic given, which will automatically include synonyms and other related keywords. This will result a more pleasant reading experience for your visitors, and search engines will appreciate keyword-rich content.

Internal and external links

Links: Proper linking is also one of the keys of a successful SEO strategy. We have this covered as well, and our writers can add internal or external links to your content to boost your site’s authority. You can either provide URLs yourself, or give the writers the freedom to choose suitable links. When you received the finalised orders, the anchor texts will be hyperlinked automatically.

Seo friendly content structure SEO-friendly content structures: When you order content from us, you are free to build your own content structures with keywords and links. However, we also offer a possibility to choose from several ready-made templates with keywords and reader-friendly structure included. The instructions for the writers are also pre-filled, so you only need to choose the one you want and place your order!

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Instagram Plan:

1. Segmentation of the target audience

2. Development of advertising banners

3. Writing advertising texts

4. Setting up and launching an advertising campaign

5. Analytics and adjustment of the advertising campaign

6. Landing page analytics

Facebook Plan:

Recommendations for increasing the conversion of the site and the group;

Analysis of the target audience, definition of segments;

Competitor analysis

Formation of hypotheses and promotion strategies;

Formation of retargeting bases;

Formation of audiences

Setting up a company within the advertising account;

Creation of advertisements (offers, creatives);

Conducting an advertising campaign (updating retargeting databases, monitoring running ads, constant optimization of the advertising campaign);

Daily control of the cost per click, optimization of the advertising budget, search for new audiences;

Replacement of creatives and improvement of working links

End-to-End Analyst

Google Plan:

1. Creating and setting up an advertising campaign and adjusting bids by device.

2. Analysis of your niche in Google AdWords.

3. Assembly of semantics from statistics.

4. Manual selection of negative keywords

5. Create an ad

6. Use of extensions (quick links, refiners, second title, relevant display, etc.)


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